From a coach with a lift to a highly-skilled elite driver squad!

If you follow us on social media, you will already know that Belle Vue Coaches has a fantastically large and varied fleet of vehicles. They cater for small groups of fellow travellers, to very large-scale productions such as football away days, massive school trips and conference transport. All quantities of people and needs – no problem. We have the transport and can meet any and all needs.

If you need a wheelchair-friendly coach that will meet your requirements, we have it. If your passengers require other forms of accommodation on-board a Belle Vue coach, minibus, midi-coach, double decker or even our vintage bus or limousine, we can meet and exceed those needs.

Belle Vue Coaches fleet covers Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire and beyond. No destination is a problem to get to. For wheelchair accessible coaches in the North West of England we can get you to anywhere in Europe!

So, every time you need to transport a group of people with accessibility requirements, Belle Vue’s wheelchair-friendly coach service and highly-skilled elite friendly driving squad are on-board to deliver time and time again. We have all the accessible features to transport wheelchair users more comfortably and all our passengers always want to use our service again. Once bitten, you’ll always chose Belle Vue!

We have the best facilities on-board to make your journey a successful. Belle Vue’s highly trained elite driver crew is really exceptional in looking after you from your journey start to the drop off home!

The quality accessible transport service across the North West

  • There is a wide selection of journeys to choose from. We have a brochure with over 70 day trip packages in it, loads more ideas and suggestion on Coach Hire Manchester and Funtastic Trips!
  • We have done all the research in going to the places we list
  • Elite driving squad trained to troubleshoot and resolve issues and problems that occur with panache and decorum
  • We piece great attractions, restaurants and shopping outlets together to make the perfect great day-trip
  • People can mix and match ideas and can create bespoke trips to suit their requirements. It is so simple
  • CAN’T is not a word in the Belle Vue customer experience requirement
  • They cover afternoon tea parties, markets and shopping outlets, tourism and culture
  • Belle Vue Coaches makes life easy for group organisers. If you book with us e.g. at Christmas, the chances are people will still be congratulating you on a fantastic event the next summer. Read our article about the Christmas Party Legend! It could be you!
  • We have a lift on the coach that means wheelchair users and people with stiff knees, limited mobility, etc. can avoid the steps!
  • Our drivers are specially trained to make every passenger INCLUDED rather than EXCLUDED. It’s not just about the coach having a lift, it is also about the service you experience, too!
  • We make FUN DAYS OUT for every kind of group – to every kind of place, it’s a ball on wheels!