Belle Vue has a team ethic that sets us apart! We understand human behaviour and the part each individual plays to contribute to a quality organisation that offers value, quality and reliability on each and every passenger journey.

Although an individual can achieve great things, only with a team of people will impossible feats be accomplished. When everyone works towards the same common goal, a lot more can get achieved. Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but look what they can do when they stick together. Teamwork makes the dream work.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester has two large goals: Reducing rough sleeping on the streets and reducing plastic use. We have signed up to the commitment to reduce plastic and are looking to organise a campaign to help the reduction of people sleeping rough with a promotional vintage vehicle.

We operate on Value, Quality and Reliability.

Value – saving money on fuel by tracking vehicles and creating incredible driving performance. Using government-funded school buses that have lower capital costs than conventional coaches. Weighing up annual movement of a client, fitting it in with current operations, streamlining efficiencies and cutting out dead mileage, utilising driver efficiency and saving on costs. We protect the fleet with live CCTV, which assists in reducing insurance claims, ensuring a £20K annual rebate. All these things mean we can be more competitive, whilst maintaining or increasing margins.

Quality. We maintain our vehicles above DVSA standards. We carry out quality control checks on every vehicle before it departs to a policy certified to ISO9001 status. We have between 4 – 8 audits a year from different outside consultants who keep our business on its toes and ensure we maintain our passion for improvement.

Reliability. We train our drivers above industry standards. Such as CPC, IMA ( customer service AND Counter Terrorism training.

Our human resource strategy is our most valuable asset. Humans are the front line face of our business. They can project our brand positively or negatively, so we go all out to ensure it is positively by treating our team so well they want to treat our passengers in the same way.

We don’t take risks. Ever.

We manage our fleet and we manage our team. We spot things before they break down and make repairs / replacements. Continuity is key. Less breakdowns means less stranded passengers.

We monitor driver performance with tracking systems and live CCTV. We have KPI’s which, if they are not met, training and monitoring takes place. 

For 2 days out of 7, our fleet is stopped and all walk round checks are double checked before departure. 

All our operations are run to policies and are audited to ISO Standards. 9001 Quality, 14001 environmental, and 45001 H&S. We have 8 audits a year to ensure our systems and processes are 100% compliant.

We have an environmental policy that is audited to ISO 14,001 Standards.
We have hybrid school buses, and euro 6 engine coaches along with retrofitted school buses with updated exhaust systems that control our emissions output.

All our waste is controlled, audited and disposed of with regulated suppliers.

We have a vehicle tracking system on all of our vehicles that controls driver performance and fuel efficiency. Performances are managed through league tables with high performance rewards for leading drivers. We save 12% on fuel costs through efficient driving.

Our CSR projects include Cycling to Blackpool every year for the Christie Cancer Hospital with £750 raised last July. Our partners include Oasis Gorton who help the under privileged gaining their life back after a hard knock. We take all staff’s unwanted bric-a-brac and clothes and they resell them for money. This raised several thousand pounds in 2018. We also contributed several thousand pounds to Metro Swimming Club in Stockport who take kids off the street and turn them into Olympic Champions. We provide services to the borough for school swimming lessons and feel it is great to put something back.

We have a fleet of coaches that are accessible by lift. Anyone using a wheelchair can easily access the vehicle using the lift and experience the Belle Vue hospitality that makes everyone feel included, rather than excluded. Our team are all Midas trained.

We have designed a day trip brochure that caters for tourist attractions that are wheelchair friendly. All our group organisers have to do is choose the location and attraction, book their meals directly (if dining) and book the coach with us.

We have designed the days out, including where to go and what to do. From a touristic drive around, to visiting a hotel for a meal and disco. You name it, we have covered it all. It is a simplistic process to book excursions out knowing that wheelchair users are catered for as much as our walk on passengers.

We also offer a multi range wedding service to different ethnic groups.

We have iMA (human chemistry teamwork) that builds teams to peak perform and serves passengers far better than any organisation we know in the industry. You can share it too at

At Belle Vue, people drive our business.