Ian Cheeseman caught up with Gerry Yeung, the Great Manchester High Sheriff

Gerry Yeung explained why everyone had gathered: “Well, today is about bringing all my friends together to celebrate Chinese New Year.”

What does the High Sheriff do, then? Is it all about charity? Is it symbolic? How does it work?

“Well, it’s quite a long story, yes, but I suppose the majority of the work is engagements with the communities: faith, educational and voluntary sectors and so on.!

A pretty exciting day, then, for you?

An exciting year!

Happy Chinese New Year from Belle Vue Coaches!

We then catch up with Phil Hitchen, Managing Director of Belle Vue Coaches: “We’re here today to honour the wonderful work that Gerry Yeung does with Greater Manchester Police in his High Sheriff position. He’s also the owner of the Yang Sing Cathay Restaurant at the Trafford Centre, Manchester. We’re here to celebrate Chinese New Year. We’d like to give a happy Chinese New Year to Singapore and all the Chinese tourists who are looking forward to coming to Manchester to celebrate the football experience. We wish you a very warm and happy Chinese New Year!”

Watch the rest of the video for the interview with Martin Almond, team leader in the Dog Training Unit for Greater Manchester Police, and Clair Hamer from the Horse Training Unit.

As it’s the Year of the Dog, this dog training unit is providing the perfect backdrop for the various community leaders to come together to celebrate and honour these UK and Eastern traditions!


Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve to everyone celebrating it!

May your year ahead be filled with good fortune & happiness!

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