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Who is the Christmas Party Legend?

If people are still raving about the party of all parties next summer then, yes, YOU ARE THE CHRISTMAS PARTY LEGEND!

Says Phil Hitchen (Party planner extraordinaire) at Belle Vue Coaches: “Your success lies in organising the best night out. You advertise it well. You include everyone. You book the entertainment and venue that best suits everyone. You make sure everyone has fun and gets home safe. You can do this. We can help!”

There’s often a great deal of pressure when it comes to organising the office Christmas party. This is why we at Belle Vue want to turn this from being a chore or a negative task, to stepping out as a hero! No one wants to be a failure at providing their employees or colleagues with a good Christmas get together, sing along, knees up and wee tipple! We’re not even contemplating going there because we have the best possible checklist, transport plan and FAQs to make sure you’re ‘all inclusive’, you’ve picked a venue central/accessible to everyone, the food is right, the mood is right, you have a plan for the evening and there’s a dancefloor! Because, who doesn’t want to boogie at Christmas? Bah Humbug to those who don’t!

Communication well in advance is key. From choosing the perfect Christmas party venue to sourcing the best festive offerings, Belle Vue has thrown together some ideas for Christmas office parties and some top tips that will have you forever worshipped as the office party legend.

If you want to secure your Christmas party venue starting with an open selection of dates for colleagues to vote for, you need to start planning early on. So, the first top tip is to plan early and to plan in advance. This might get you an early deal. Many festive offers tend to appear early on. If you can land an early result, you’re already well on your way to the best title in the office anyone could have! There are lots of Christmas party venues in the North West that have many exciting Christmas party packages.

Do not have your Christmas party at work in the office is vital advice. Don’t forget this – ever! A Christmas party should not be an extension of the work day – people want to go home or go out, they don’t want to have a tipple next to the photocopier (a device which must be avoided at all times with alcohol).

Think wisely about location and do a bit of research with colleagues and friends to figure out what works best for the majority of staff. If it’s a far away choice of venue, consider accommodation either set by you or that people might want to book individually. The big question whether public transport is also an option or whether you need to provide transport. Belle Vue is on hand to take care of this for you for less than a taxi fare in most cases and the journey becomes part of the night’s event! Making it easy for your colleagues is a big tick in the right direction on the office party organising front!

We’ve suggested in our evening itinerary that you could have a quiz or a Christmas competition. Whether that’s a full-blown compere-lead affair involving the entire office or if it’s just a prize for the ‘best worst’ Christmas jumper, your competition is great way of making the whole team feel involved.

How your guests are treated is key. This bash is to say thank you for the year – it’s not about managers standing up and spouting self-proclamatory sentiments whilst everyone groans and grimaces, it’s a team event. No-one is left out – everyone is equal! Office Christmas parties are a great opportunity to bond. Make sure everyone lets their hair down and enjoys themselves!

One last Belle Vue tip may be considered to be the most important of all and that it the element of surprise. It’s likely that your colleagues will have attended many Christmas parties before and, if they’ve been with your company for a while, the element of surprise is even more important. No-one expects the unexpected! Keep it within the boundaries of what collectively is acceptable, of course! Think differently and you’ll be thanking us later. If you’re looking for fun and festive ideas for your Christmas party, Belle Vue has one great idea: A Secret Santa Tour! Turn your journey into a fun event with people getting clues as to where to stop to get their present! What better way of getting into the Christmas spirit and ready for the ultimate party planned by THE CHRISTMAS PARTY LEGEND!

CHECKLIST: What does the best Christmas party include?

  1. Listening: to what people have enjoyed in the past is the best first step. Where did they go, what did they do? Can you match and improve on that?
  2. Inclusive: is this party for all levels staff who work across your organisation? Are friends and family welcome (we recommend they are)?
  3. Christmas Dinner: Become the office legend and book an epic Christmas meal for your team this year.
  4. Choons: Have you booked an awesome DJ line-up, who will having you dancing all night to a variety of music? All you need is you and your favourite work mates to bring the vibe.
  5. First Impression: Kick start with some bubbly on arrival. Think of great ideas for prizes to win in the quiz.
  6. Clear Itinerary: What’s on the evening’s menu – make it appetising!
    Itinerary Example:
    7pm Belle Vue minibus to venue
    7.30pm: Drinks reception
    8pm: Buffet (Christmas Menu Option)
    Live singers
    10pm-1am: Party
    Dress Code: Smart, dress to impress. Strictly no sportswear or hoods.
    1am Belle Vue Minibus home. Belle Vue driver name. Driver mobile. Belle Vue emergency number
  7. Safety: Ensure people with allergy issues are catered for and that catering is aware these requirements. Evaluate any medical needs your colleagues have to ensure they have the perfect night!
  8. Journey: Make sure everyone’s journey is safe. The easiest option is to let Belle Vue pick everyone up and take them home. This requires coordination and planning. You’ll need their details and we’ll plan the journey for you.
  9. FAQs: always include the obvious details upfront so people can make their plans early! See below for our sample.


How much is it?
If you’re organising the Christmas party as a team, you may be pooling money to pay for it. Be clear if there are different options e.g. buffet is cheaper than meal if a choice is offered. Also, if you wish to include transport as a price per head, add it into the final package. Make sure you are clear about when people need to pay unless the company is picking up the tab. Belle Vue Coaches will calculate the best routes to use the least fuel (We’re greener and cleaner than the rest). We will make sure you have a set price agreed in advance with a clear point of contact for payment. Belle Vue Coaches will expect the Christmas Party Legend (a.k.a. the party planner) to collect all money and to pay for the fare in full in advance of the journey.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Do I need my work badge/ID?
E.g. 21+. No, you may only need to bring ID to prove your age.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Belle Vue Coaches can pick everyone up and take everyone home for a set cost per head – starting from as little as £12.50 per person all-inclusive! Also include nearest tram stop, bus stop, taxi rank. Remember to ask people to travel in groups if making own travel arrangements. Your legend status depends on everyone getting home safely!

Is there on-site paid/free parking?
Make sure there are no travel surprises for those making their own way there.

Can I invite non-staff friends/family to the event?
Yes, friends and family are welcome (or no if you prefer). Yes – wins every time!

How can I contact the organiser with any questions? and mobile

What’s the refund policy?
Your answer goes here

Is my registration fee or ticket transferable?
Yes – if you book transport on our 19, 20 or 34 seat minibus or mini-coaches, someone can drop out and someone else can take their seat. This is likely also the case for venues and table bookings. If a colleague has paid and wishes to pass on the ticket, unless you have any issues, make sure you say it’s OK in advance!

Belle Vue’s brand new 34-seater mini coach might well be perfect for your needs. So, you hire the vehicle that best fits the number of travellers, plus the driver and we will take you to anywhere in the UK for a great price! GET A QUOTE – We will also help to get the party started early for you. It’s our business to make you happy!

Challenge BELLE VUE to deliver the ultimate Christmas experience for you this year!”

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… AND FINALLY WHO IS: The Christmas Party Legend?
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