Ian Cheeseman, MCFC Guru and all round fantastic presenter, heads out to see what opportunities are on offer in the bus and coach sector via Transport for Greater Manchester and Belle Vue Coaches: “Since I’ve started working for Belle Vue Coaches and Buses, the number of people that have have said to me: “How do you get a job at Belle Vue Coaches?”, I could count on… well, a lot of hands! So, now you’re going to find out a great opportunity, particularly if you’re unemployed. Here’s one of the boses at Belle Vue Coaches to explain…”

Ian Bragg, Managing Director talks about the latest driver to offer people a real career opportunity:

“Hi. I’m just giving you a little insight into what Belle Vue are actually doing this week with TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester). We’ve inducted a pilot scheme to bring unemployed people into the bus and coach sector which basically means getting them trained to be a coach driver/bus driver within a 6-week intensive course.

“Providing they pass the tests, they will come to Belle Vue for another 3-week ongoing training course, buddying up with one of our experienced drivers. After that, hopefully, all being well, they will be employed by Belle Vue (Manchester) Limited as a bus and coach driver. Starting off driving one of our Yellow School Buses and hopefully after 12 months/18 months down the line, we could put them on one of our double decker executive coaches, travelling all across Europe. As I say: Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Kalid is a trainee bus/coach driver. Ian Cheeseman interviewed him to hear his story:

“I was on a college course studying as an automotive technician. After I finished college and went and applied to jobs related to vehicles – either as a driver or as a vehicle technician – anything related to vehicles!”

So now you’re going to be a driver. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

“Yes, really exciting, because that’s the starting point for me! It’s a very good opportunity to get this job. It’s not like you can just get the job just like that – because of my wanting everything to revolve around vehicles and with the current situation of lack of employment, me getting this employment is very exciting!”

Good Luck!

“Thank you very much!”

Kaushika Mistry from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) gives the official perspective:

“Research has shown that there is a shortage of bus drivers across Greater Manchester. What we wanted to do was to develop a programme that supported job seekers to become bus drivers and work in this sector. ”

The Transport for Greater Manchester slogan to reach out to potential new driving talent is: Train | Learn | Drive | Earn (an 8-week course giving you the experience and qualification to become a bus driver). The website link is tfgm.com/tlde.

Click the picture, visit the page, find the career you really want
Click the picture, visit the page, find the career you really want

Kaushika continues, “The ‘Train, Learn, Drive, Earn’ Campaign has been extremely successful. We have worked with job seekers who are sometimes 1-week unemployed, to sometimes very, very long-term unemployed and have supported them and trained them to become bus drivers and to work in this sector. We have had lots of successes and lots of people who have actually become bus drivers and who are currently still driving in Greater Manchester.”

Ian Bragg, MD, says exactly what many people are thinking, when he says:” Just think, within 6 weeks, somebody unemployed could be driving one of these! What an opportunity!”

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