Book Now on 0161 947 9477. Indulge yourself with the perfect day of pampering, luxury and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation, with Belle Vue Coaches.

Belle Vue’s brand new spa day packages will include spa entrance and chauffer-driven transport to and from the day spa of your choosing. Start your pampering yourself the moment you leave home with the click of a button! So, sit back and enjoy the ride together with your friends or loved ones.

Maybe you’re thinking of combining a weekend country getaway with a spa break? There are so many ways Belle Vue Coaches can work with you to deliver the perfect experience. Challenge Jade and Damian on the booking hotline 0161 947 9477 to deliver a day you’ll cherish forever!

Belle Vue Coaches is partnering with several organisations to offer you a tailored day of amazing luxury and fun. Enjoy stawberries and Champagne in a chauffer-driven limosine. Our suited and very dashing chauffeur will escort you to a steam train to take you through the countryside where you’ll be met at the station and driven onto your resort. Top class luxury, spa, massage, pool, scented oils – whatever you need, want or desire, talk to the team that puts you centre stage every time!