Damian Ditchfield is Sales & Transport Manager at Belle Vue. He’s made this short guide (with the help of Ian Cheeseman) to show you what’s involved in asking for a quote to hire a coach or any hire vehicle from Belle Vue (Manchester) Limited.

“My name’s Damian and I’m the Sales Manager here at Belle Vue. Are you looking to book yourself a coach? Let me show you how easy it actually is. You can eith pick this up (lifts landline phone) or this one (lifts mobile) and one of our fantastic sales team will be waiting at the other end of the phone.

“Or if you prefer to do it online, it’s very simple. Just got to coachhiremanchester.com. On our homepage, there’s a one button press and that will take you straight to our quotation page and we guarantee we’ll have the quotation back with you within the hour (office hours apply).

“Okay, so there you go. nice and simple. Either pick up the phone or go online and one of our lovely sales team here will look after you.”

To get a quote to book from any webpage is easy. Just click on this FREE QUOTE button (LEFT) in the header of the website and enter your details.

Damian’s email is: damian@bellevue-Mcr.com