Heathrow Airport has been crowned the UK’s favourite airport – scoring more than twice as many votes as its nearest rival, Gatwick.

More than a third of Jack’s Flight Club members (38.1%) said Heathrow was the best UK airport – compared to 14.4% for Gatwick and 11.6% for Manchester.

But Bedfordshire-based Luton Airport was described as the UK’s worst airport by more than a fifth of voters (22.9%), with Stansted coming a close second at 17.7%.

The facilities and amenities at Heathrow, which handles over 75 million passengers a year, were the main drivers for its success, according to the survey carried out by Jack’s Flight Club a week before Christmas.

More than half of voters (55.4%) scored its food and shopping outlets as good, while more than a third (39.2%) described them as brilliant.

Security at the airport also got the thumbs up; with almost two thirds of voters (59.3%) claiming it was good, while almost a third (30.4%) said it was brilliant.

Check-in procedures were either good (59.3%) or brilliant (33.9%) – while baggage reclaim was good (63.5%), access to and from the airport was good (48.4%) or brilliant (38.5%).

However, facilities at Luton – the UK’s fifth busiest airport, which handles over 10 million passengers a year – came bottom of the ranks.

More than two fifths of voters (42.9%) said food and shopping outlets at Luton were poor, while two fifths (40%) said they were average. More than a tenth (12.4%) said they were terrible.

Check-in facilities were described as average by half of voters (50.9%) and poor by more than a quarter (26.2%) and terrible by 14.9%.

Jack Sheldon, co-founder of Jack’s Flight Club – the UK’s fastest growing cheap flight finder – said he was not surprised by the survey results.

“Whether you’re flying first class or have snapped up a cheap flight to some exotic destination from one of our airfare deals, recent improvements to Heathrow’s security, check-in and transport links to central London, have turned a trip to the airport into an all-round pleasant experience for British travellers.

“No longer is Heathrow just a means to get to your holiday destination of choice, it is also a shopping and dining experience that gives passengers an excuse to arrive early and enjoy themselves for an extra few hours before takeoff.

“By contrast, as our survey shows, Luton Airport has the basics – but for an airport offering London departures, it needs to try a lot harder.”