Company Director, Ian Bragg told us: “Today is a good day for us because the auditors are in. We actually revel in them coming in and today will be a fantastic day for us because we’ll get the result we want. They make us a lot better and stronger within the workplace.”

Says Jonathon Backhouse from Backhouse Jones: “I’m here to carry out a compliance review. I do this annually for Belle Vue and we’re going to have a good look at their systems.”

Donna says: “There are things that are pointed out to us that perhaps we’re not doing already that will help the company improve with our compliance – making sure all the legislation is in place where it should be.”

The idea is that, on every visit, the auditor can help with something. The auditor sees best practice in other sectors and can bring new thinking and fresh ideas into the organisation.

After reviewing the systems, Backhouse Jones have seen progress from what was suggested from last year, has set new challenges for 2018’s audit and is hoping to see a whopping 10 out of 10!

Says Ian: “The auditors are part of the team at Belle Vue”, pointing to the Belle Vue tagline:


Ian Cheeseman, famous for being the voice of Manchester City FC, and top sport commentator for 20 years at the BBC in Manchester came in to ask Backhouse Jones staff and Belle Vue colleagues what an audit really means for their business and the industry.