Little Miss Joan
Answered her phone*,
And spoke so that we could all hear.
We now know she’s broke
And her love life’s a joke,
But the rash that she had is all clear!

*Please consider others and speak quietly when using your mobile phone 🙂

Belle Vue Coaches always aims to provide a totally relaxing and comfortable journey for all of its passengers. Please consider the comfort of your fellow passengers by following our Passenger Etiquette Guide. This guide is a list of rules, tips and general information that many coach operators have compiled to ensure everyone enjoys a relaxing and comfortable journey.

Many of these suggestions have been added at the request of our Belle Vue passengers.

  • Please keep your conversation noise to a respectable level.
  • For passengers wishing to sleep onboard the coach, please try not to obstruct any spare seats.
  • In the interest of everyone’s safety, passengers are requested to remain seated while the vehicle is in motion. Passengers are also required by law to wear a seat belt at all times. Failure to do so could lead to a £30.00 fixed penalty fine issued by authorities which can increase to a maximum of £500 if the case goes to court.
  • Passengers must not distract the driver while the vehicle is in motion. All conversations with the driver must be kept to a minimum. Your driver is responsible for the safety of all those onboard the vehicle. Your driver must be allowed to concentrate on the road ahead.
  • Please keep the use of mobile phones onboard the coach down to a minimum. All phone conversations are best appreciated when conducted quietly with phone ringer set to silent / vibrate mode.
  • Animals are not generally permitted to travel on our vehicles. The exception being for assistance animals. Passengers who are planning to travel with an assistance animal must contact us in advance so we can best assist their needs.
  • On the luggage front, please stow lightweight personal items such as rucksacks or laptop bags in the overhead racks of the vehicle. We have a policy where luggage should not be placed on empty seats wherever possible. Seats should be kept clear for boarding passengers). Please also ensure that when you are stowing an item in the overhead rack, that it is secure to avoid movement or falling on heads. For your safety and comfort, large items of luggage must be placed in the hold. Please speak to the driver for help when alighting (getting onboard).
  • Sensitive subject, but, for the comfort of everyone onboard, passengers are asked to refrain from consuming food or drink with a pungent smell.
  • Passengers are requested to familiarise themselves with all the emergency exits and procedures onboard the vehicles.
  • Belle Vue employees are authorised to instruct any passengers who are acting in an antisocial way to disembark (get off) from the vehicle. Such behaviour includes irresponsible consumption of alcohol, drunken, threatening or abusive behaviour or bad language, undue noise from any instrument, radio, personal audio player or any recording device and the excessive or noisy use of mobile phones.
  • Also, when using the recline function on your Belle Vue coach seat, please ensure you are not impeding the comfort of the passenger behind you.
  • A first aid kit and fire extinguishers are carried on board all vehicles and are for emergency use only. If you have a safety briefing, please take time to discover the procedures.
  • Smoking is not permitted on any Belle Vue vehicle at any time.