What is Santa to do? Rudolf (who must have seen the freezing snow) just called in sick at the office and Santa has a full schedule to get through. Not to look a gift reindeer in the mouth, he scratches his beard and gets hit by a spot of Belle Vue magic! He’s jumps on the phone to the SANTA HOTLINE – you can too on 0161 947 9477 (normal landline rates apply) and gets is his helpful elf, Phil, on the line.

“Phil?! Says Santa, “It’s me! Listen, Rudolf’s pulled a Monday morning sickie again. He’s probably been reading that article on your website about people telling porkies about the weather just to get a snow day! Anyway, I’m supposed to meet a few small friends later and I need a transport plan. Something magical. Something timeless. Something the little people will love. Can you help me, Phil?”

Phil thinks for a minute. Stamps his feet, twirls 3 times and snaps reindeer dust with a magical finger click, into the air. “I’ve got it, Santa. I’ve got it!

Here’s the bit of the story where our helpful Elf, Phil, magics up a beautiful vintage bus, adorned with beautiful Christmas decorations and ready to take Santa wherever he needs to go. We even captured some of it in the video above!

“Ho, ho, ho”, exclaims Santa as the Belle Vue vintage bus lands at his feet. He jumps up into the cockpit and off he flies, making sure our little friends aren’t left without a magical treat!

If you want to know more about the magic Belle Vue Santa Bus, ring us today on 0161 947 9477 and maybe, just maybe, this magical bus will come visit you, too!