Green Pearls® GmbH (based in Darmstadt, Germany) is the first holding company worldwide that consolidates sustainable hotels, destinations and restaurants in a global data source.

September 2018: Green Pearls® welcomes the eco-village Sagna Rotonda in Piedmont as its latest new member.

Green Pearls® unifies international tourism companies that support environmental protection and demonstrate social commitment. Besides the increasing travelers’ interest in sustainable accommodations also the number of Green Pearls® members constantly rises.

Why Sagna Rotonda?

Sagna Rotonda is a place for travelers seeking relaxation and nature far from touristic masses: located on a small hill in Maira Valley amidst untouched nature in the mountains it is the perfect starting point for hikes, mountain biking, and winter sports.

When the owners, Giovanni and Teresina di Piovano, bought the old hamlet, extensive renovations of the buildings dated back to the 17th century were needed – which led to the creation of a small eco-village consisting of 10 apartments and several communal areas.

The aim of becoming a zero-emission-business was reached almost incidentally. “We were able to build an utterly self-sufficient house – energy efficient and eco-friendly – by avoiding CO2-emissions into the atmosphere completely,” emphasizes Giovanni.

Among the criteria of admission to Green Pearls® GmbH are a sustainability plan on management level, sustainable architecture, comprehensive water, energy saving and waste recovery measures, the use of seasonal and regional ingredients in the kitchen, as well as a large commitment for the social balance in each of the vacation regions.