Back for the 3rd year running, study ranks over 300 beaches around the globe based on the price of a typical day at the seaside, including new facility fee factor

  • Anse Vata Beach, New Caledonia is the most exclusive beach in the index, at a total price of €78,57.
  • Cua Dai Beach, Vietnam is the least expensive beach, at a total price of €13,44.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12/06/2018 – Online travel specialist TravelBird has released the annual Beach Price Index, ranking more than 300 seaside destinations from over 90 countries around the globe. Building on the previous two studies, the 2018 index includes a new facility fee factor, looking at the potential entrance cost, in addition to the fee for renting a sunbed and umbrella. From year-to-year, the price of a seaside holiday can vary hugely due to fluctuations in currency and the changing cost of living. Aiming to inspire travellers and help them to make informed choices, TravelBird have ranked each location based on the price of a typical day at the coast, to reveal which seaside destinations offer the best value for money, and which shores are provide a more exclusive experience.

In order to create the most comprehensive overview to date of beach prices around the globe, TravelBird first examined an extensive catalogue of the most popular beaches worldwide. Paying particular attention to how recent travel trends have popularized some of the world’s most unique seaside destinations, the travel specialists then reduced this list into a final index of just over 300 locations, which are ranked from highest to lowest based on the average cost of a typical day at the beach.

To calculate the affordability of each location, the price of five essentials were researched, and in a new addition to the Beach Price Index, the facility fee (entrance fee plus cost of sunbed and umbrella) has also been included. The essentials include the cost of a bottle of sun cream (200 ml), a bottle of water (500 ml), a beer (33 cl bottle), lunch (including drink and dessert for one person), and an ice cream. The total cost of these six factors was then calculated to determine the overall affordability and ranking of each coastal destination.

“A day at the beach is an essential part of any holiday for many travellers around the world, but it can be difficult to decide between so many dream destinations. To help travellers choose, we’ve brought our Beach Price Index back for the third year running to help those looking to plan their next vacation. With this ranking we try to inspire travellers to consider some of the exciting new seaside options added to the index this year, such as the beautiful Ruissalo Island on the Finnish Turku estuary or the popular Vlissingen beach found in the Zeeland region of the Netherlands.” says Fiona Vanderbroeck, Chief Traveller Officer at TravelBird. “What we have noticed, is that social media is changing the way that we discover the world. Travellers are now using Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as a tool to discover authentic and local experiences, or to uncover previously remote destinations. With so many options and endless inspiration, we hope that this Index will help travellers to choose the right beach for their needs and perhaps spark a trip to unique seaside location.”

To view the full results for all beaches in the index, please see here:

The table below reveals the results for the top 10 most expensive beaches:

# Beach Region Country Facility Fee Sunscreen Water Beer Ice-Cream Lunch Total
1 Anse Vata Noumea New Caledonia €27,45 €14,46 €1,65 €6,68 €2,20 €26,13 €78,57
2 Finale Ligure Liguria Italy €35,44 €15,23 €1,05 €4,18 €1,25 €19,44 €76,59
3 Yonaha Maehama Beach Okinawa Japan €22,77 €17,59 €1,23 €5,30 €1,96 €21,47 €70,32
4 Solanas Cagliari Sardinia Italy €25,00 €15,04 €1,20 €4,11 €2,50 €17,61 €65,46
5 Waikiki Hawaii USA €24,46 €8,90 €1,86 €4,57 €1,95 €23,11 €64,85
6 South Beach Florida USA €24,32 €7,48 €1,29 €4,14 €2,35 €24,65 €64,23
7 Main Beach New York USA €20,84 €8,60 €1,77 €4,51 €2,67 €25,23 €63,60
8 Plage de Pampelonne Cote d’Azur France €30,00 €8,52 €1,50 €2,43 €2,55 €18,44 €63,45
9 Manly Beach Sydney, NSW Australia €22,69 €7,56 €2,23 €4,84 €2,68 €22,03 €62,03
10 Seljesanden Beach Selje Norway €0,00 €20,93 €2,34 €7,76 €3,76 €25,77 €60,56

N.B. The methodology explaining how each factor was researched can be found at the bottom of the press release.

The table below reveals the results for the top 10 least expensive beaches:

# Beach Region Country Facility Fee Sunscreen Water Beer Ice-Cream Lunch Total
1 Cua Dai Beach Hoi An Vietnam €1,10 €2,07 €0,37 €1,60 €0,87 €7,43 €13,44
2 City Beach Nha Trang Vietnam €1,28 €2,42 €0,43 €1,73 €0,83 €7,76 €14,47
3 Long Beach Phu Quoc Vietnam €1,65 €2,65 €0,73 €1,89 €0,93 €8,17 €16,03
4 Benaulim Beach Goa India €1,25 €3,41 €0,30 €3,00 €0,66 €8,63 €17,25
5 El Gouna North Hurghada Egypt €0,00 €9,93 €0,23 €0,68 €0,60 €5,87 €17,31
6 Palolem Beach Goa India €1,25 €3,41 €0,24 €2,99 €0,74 €8,87 €17,50
7 Sunken City Sahl Hasheesh Egypt €0,00 €7,80 €0,31 €1,98 €0,85 €6,82 €17,77
8 Mandrem Beach Goa India €1,25 €3,41 €0,31 €3,11 €0,64 €9,08 €17,80
9 Cavelossim Beach Goa India €1,25 €3,41 €0,33 €3,09 €0,79 €9,17 €18,04
10 Agonda Beach Goa India €1,25 €3,41 €0,30 €2,68 €0,74 €9,71 €18,09

N.B. This is a sample of the full results, which can be found here:

Further Findings:

  • Finale Ligure Beach, Italy, has the most expensive Facility Fee, at €35,44.
  • Cua Dai Beach, Vietnam, Sunscreen is most affordable, at €2,07, while it is most expensive in Beau Vallon, Seychelles at €25,12.
  • The most expensive water can be found on Velavaru Island, Maldives, with a price of €9,95, however is cheapest at Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, at €0,22.
  • At a cost of €0,66 for Beer, Soma Bay, Egypt is the cheapest, whilst Mjellestranden, Norway has the most expensive beer, for around €8,49
  • The cheapest Ice-cream is available in Nusa Dua, Bali, for €0,54, while it will cost travellers the most on Huk Beach, Norway, at a price of €4,46
  • At €5,87, the cheapest lunch destination is on El Gouna Beach, Egypt, while the most expensive lunch can be found on Anse Vata Beach, New Caledonia, at a pricey €26,13