‘Sleep Is the Best Meditation’ Dali Lama

Nothing renews the body and mind quite like sleep, naturally allowing the body to restore and heal. Sleep is an often over-looked aspect of wellbeing and contributes to our general health, quality of life and even our life expectancy.  Without sufficient rest we simply can’t function at our optimal level, our sleep schedule provides the foundation for our mental and physical wellbeing.

Over recent years there has been a significant rise in Insomnia. This is partly due to a lack of education concerning the science behind sleep. Many people simply lack the knowledge to create the right environment which will allow sleep to happen naturally and easily. Sleep disorders can lead to serious long-term health conditions which could be avoided with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Sleep Well-Being At Ushvani

This month we would like to assist all our guests in creating new positive lifestyle changes that will transform their sense of well-being and restore inner vitality.

  • To allow the body and mind to rest we have to create Meltonin and when exposed to artificial lights for a long duration of time we produce Cortisol which reduces Melatonin levels.
  • By reducing exposure to artificial light three hours prior to sleep we increase our chances of a restful and seamless sleep cycle. This means avoid working in our sleeping environment.
  • Where possible we need to have a sleep cycle which allows for eight hours of unbroken each night.
  • Ideally we should go to bed and wake at the same time in a 24 hour cycle. Our body will learn to create hormones to allow for sleep and we will feel rested upon waking
  • Before we sleep we should avoid heavy meals and reduce our intake of stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol. Sleep Doctor Micheal Breus advises we eat healthy sugar prior to sleep such as raw honey or dried fruits. As the body’s sugar levels drop throughout the night this can increase cortisol levels causing disjointed and broken sleep patterns.

Sleep Well-Being Moving Meditation – Thursday 31st May 7pm – 8pm
£15 per guest.

On Thursday 31st May we’re holding a one-off Sleep Meditation Class in the peaceful surroundings of our Sentosa Studio. Our in-house Yoga practitioner Ishat will be leading this one hour session with an emphasis on sleep relaxation techniques. One of the many benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness is the activation of the body’s Relaxation Response which is the antithetsis of the Stress Response, which hinders sleep. By evoking the body’s natural relaxation hormones this allows our mind to enter into the sleep stage easily and complete a full sleep cycle.

Students will be lead through a series of Pranayama breathing techniques, designed to calm the mind and reduce stress chemicals in the brain. These breathing techniques can be integrated with movement or used during meditation prior to sleep. Increasing oxygen levels to the brain is one of the many benefits of Pranayama breathing creating a restful sleep which delivers mental clarity upon waking.

This 60 minute class will begin with an introduction to Pranayama and Meditation, followed by a series of Astanga, yoga poses combined with Meditation and the class will be completed with guided Meditation. This dynamic class is open to students of all abilities and provides an introduction to Shri Vivek Integrated Yoga with an emphasis on Sleep Well-Being.

Malay Massage
£180 90 Minutes | £240 120 Minutes

The Malay Massage renowned for its contouring and toning benefits. It uses long kneading strokes and soothing stretches and is one of the gentler approaches amongst the Asian therapies. A deep sense of relaxation is felt almost immediately and this treatment ideally suited to the busy and stressed.

Our expert Therapists will perform this deeply relaxing treatment using nourishing Coconut and Hibiscus oil, which rehydrates dry skin and also provides powerful anti-oxidant benefits. The Malay Massage compliments regular Yoga practise and we advise our guests to book a private Yoga class prior to their Malay Massage to receive optimum benefits.

What the press says …

‘As far as spas go, Ushvani is seriously luxe, but understatedly so… it’s more a place to come for a treatment when you need it than a spa day with your girlfriends. This is a serious spa. They also do a great (and very reasonable) yoga class here on Tuesdays in one of the most beautiful studios we’ve seen’
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