Our latest edition of our ‘in flight’ magazine, Vue, is about to hit the shelves (or coaches) and we’ve had a sneaky peak to give you a flavour of what’s on offer! You can read it online here.

Phil Hitchen opens the  magazine with a hearty hello and to tell us all about a few of the great things Belle Vue has enjoyed this past year. From personal success, to partnering up with great people in the community to make a difference. There’s a big shout out to Donna Thompson for ensuring everyone passed their ISO policy audits and gained other accreditations.  The totally cool, brand new 34-seater mini coach gets a mention – and why not? It is seriously comfy, tech savvy and fabulous! Victoria Armstrong from the Oasis Centre in Gorton gets recognition for the amazing work she does in the community.

There’s a cheery forward-looking article about the night’s shortening and daylight hours lengthening. SAD is an issue for many in the UK but, fear not, there’s 320 days of sun in the Costa del Sol in Spain and you can fly away for a reasonable prices and rent an apartment in Benalmadena at 4* Arenal Golf https://www.arenalgolf.uk.com.

Compliance is a huge thing for all transport companies. Belle Vue embraces it and celebrates audits. “The opportunity to present the best standards in the business and be recognised is hugely important”, says Phil Hitchen. Here’s an article we published about out last audit.

The 4 new vehicles joining the fleet got a mention, too! The 34-seat midi-coach, the 20-seater minibus and the huge 61-seat coach add more diverse options and solutions to travel plans than ever before. There’s also an article entitled: Meet our new 34-seater mini coach you will also enjoy here.

You rarely think your teachers are cool. That is, however, until they take you out for the best school day ever! After that, you’ll always have that bond, respect and gratitude that they took you! Belle Vue makes booking school trips straightforward. Did you know Belle Vue can buy all your Alton Towers tickets, provide transport and even food for less than you can do it individually? Did you also know that, if you book Belle Vue to provide an all year contract for transport, your school trip(s) will be hugely less hassle and cost? You will be delighted to learn that Belle Vue now has a guide to booking your school trip, what to look out for, what checks are needed and why booking in advance pays off in a big way. Check out our sister site, Funtastic Trips.

Booking school trips is made easier with the brand new Belle Vue Value Proposition booklet which you can view, download and print here. The idea is to create a holistic transport policy with quality, reliability, safety and value all vital components at the heart of your decision-making. On top of that, fun and creative partnerships will benefit your schools, parents and primarily, students. Day trips, foreign holidays, pantomime, swimming or that annual treat, a trip to Alton Towers or Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

No matter what company you book for those all important and fun school trips, Belle Vue has put together some sound advice. 57 Top Tips has been written with 20 years’ experience in operating, developing and delivering top trips to schools and colleges. Before you book, read these top tips and believe the Belle Vue will deliver all this for for as part of your deal and more!

If you thought Belle Vue was great, you’ll be wildly delighted to hear about all the work it does in championing, recognising and rewarding fresh new talent. Read Page 8 about the young guns taking the company by storm with dynamic ideas, fresh approaches and embracing new ways to deliver quality, efficiency, service and positive feedback in everything they do! We also got Phil Hitch to get his pen out to talk about staff empowerment recently. Get the story here.

If you’ve been tuning in to some of our videos these last 4 months, you’ll be aware the Ian Cheeseman is back with team Belle Vue! He’s made many videos in the past as an ‘on loan’ player from various creative agencies. Now, he’s playing for us directly! If you’re a football fan in Manchester – especially if you follow Manchester City, you’ll know Ian is the most loved voice and face of the fans. He’s been a BBC reporter for over 2 decades and recently switched stations to headline weekly on XS Manchester. He says what true blue fans think and is loved for being their voice. Ian has made many videos recently showcasing drivers, staff, audits and vehicles.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has renewed exsting contracts for the school bus services we deliver daily and it has awarded 12 more schools which is great news for students and parents and it offers true value and safety to school transportation.

Earlier in this article, we mentioned Victoria Armstrong. Phil Hitchen, MD at Belle Vue, has dubbed her the ‘”Angel of Gorton” for her amazing work. Victoria talks about the donations of clothes and unwanted household items that are helping people less fortunate. We’ve covered part of Victoria’s story in the flipbook and there’s more in previous community articles we’ve published over the last few months. Discover more about the Oasis Centre in Gorton here.

Have you heard about Safe Drive Stay Alive in the Middleton area? It’s a road safety event supported by many institutions including the Police, Fire and Ambulance services. The aim of the scheme is to reduce road deaths common with the 17-24 year old age bracket through positive education. Drive Safe article here.

Each Vue magazine ends with an ‘In The Spotlight’ feature of a member of the team. In this edition, meet Jade Hastie from the Sales Team (Spoiler: she hates spiders!)

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