Today’s transport providers have to ensure many things run smoothly to guarantee that a journey goes well.

Driver training and vehicle safety checks are the big guns and we’ll discuss them shortly. Driver attitude is also a huge consideration. Is she or he liked by the passengers? Does the driver turn the trip into a journey, not just a destination?

Quality in experience, safety, and reliability is paramount. Driver professionalism, attitude and temperament are also vital attributes to ensuring all passengers are happy, comfortable, feel safe and are excited to be on a road trip!

At Belle Vue, it’s the journey!

Also, when we take a coach or bus, we also emit less carbon than transporting people in other modes of transport. But, is that good enough?

The climate is one of our key considerations. Our Operations Team tries to avoid return journeys with no passengers. An eco-minded coach company will plan to make every journey efficient, every vehicle kept in tip-top condition, fine-tuned, serviced, not just reliable, but as clean as possible for the environment.

We firmly believe that fewer single-driver journeys and a return to more collective methods of transport is one key winning factor in reducing carbon emissions. Belle Vue offers both the means and the method. Not only do we have drivers trained in minimising carbon emissions and vehicles optimised for their use, we also have software that rates how our drivers perform on each journey. Rewarding the most efficient drivers is seen as a huge tool in reducing each journey’s carbon footprint.

57 Top Tips

Whether you are the journey planner, the passenger, or an interested party, rest assured that Belle Vue has got your journey at the top of its agenda! Follow this link to read 57 Top Tips on delivering the perfect journey for day trips, visits to the baths, theme parks, pantomimes and much, much more!

Every year, Belle Vue Coaches and the Yellow School Bus take around one million, four hundred thousand passengers on excursions. Outbound journey and return, we transport people young and old there and back in style, comfort and safety.

“There is no doubt”, said one teacher, “that trips are entirely worth while – they can have the effect of transforming one’s relationship with children. You have a chance to experience each other with the defences down and make contact on a human level that school often precludes.”

With our Top Tips, amazing driver crew, unbelievably flexible sales team, mechanics and even social media team, we have got everything you need to relax and enjoy!

For a full range of our cost-effective Yellow School Bus Hire – visit the Yelle School Bus website!

It’s the journey!